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Joining the BDNA League

We have received a few enquiries lately about how to join our netball league and we thought it might be useful to post some top-line information here.

Winter League 2024/25

Timings: 18-week season running from mid-September 2024 to mid-March 2025 (with a break over Christmas)

Deadline for entry: Passed (1st June 2024)

Entry fee: £45

Summer League 2025

Timings: 9-week season running from early May to mid-July 2025

Deadline for entry: 1st March 2025

Entry fee: £25

Winter League 2025/26

Timings: 18-week season running from mid-September 2025 to mid-March 2026 (with a break over Christmas)

Deadline for entry: 31st May 2025

Entry fee: £45

If you are interested in entering a team into the 2025 Summer League or the 2025/26 Winter League, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Join our Facebook group for all the latest news and updates (search for "Basildon & District Netball Association" on Facebook and join)

  2. Get in touch with our Fixture Secretary, Barbara Crouchman, at

Our league consists of approximately 100 teams across 10 divisions (Premier to Division 9), catering for all levels of netball. If you are a player who wishes to join an existing team within the Basildon League, we highly recommend that you join the Facebook group (details above) or alternatively you can send us your information through the Notices section of this website and we will post your details for teams to find you (please advise us of your playing experience so that we can advise teams.)

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